Attention to Living is a brief dynamic therapy.

Attention to Living is a dynamic short-term therapy that embraces living your life. The goals of this dynamic approach are present and future-oriented and designed to create correctional shifts and adjustments in interpersonal experiences and facilitate new understandings that support change from behaviors that have proven unproductive or burdensome.  While the therapy is short-term - effecting change as quickly as 3 sessions - it facilitates profound long-term change.

New understandings.  New experiences.


Together, we will work proactively and in partnership to create change efficiently and with greater effect.  Emphasis is placed upon a specific problem and a direct intervention.  Problems of addictions, performance, and grief are only a few of the many well-suited to treatment. You will explore your current thinking, feeling, and action patterns to identify those that limit successful outcomes and then integrate new patterns that support changed thinking, feeling, and action.  These new patterns will provide opportunities for increased successful outcomes.


You will learn that deep, unexpressed emotions inhibit opportunities for success and provide great emotional suffering.  Discovery and expression of these suppressed emotions, along with education regarding their healthy function, often provide opportunity to correct fear-based motivations and replace them with better-suited motivations.  Often, feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and disconnect can be replaced with feelings of empowerment, love, and competence.  The good news is that you can learn to support a new way of interaction that is in your best interest and benefits you and those within your ecology.  

The focus of this modality is solution-oriented with a present and future orientation.  Attention to Living Therapy is less concerned with how a problem arose than with the current factors sustaining it and preventing change.  The reduction of distressing symptoms is necessary to provide opportunity for change that positively impacts lifestyle and in turn provides for greater life perspective.  Prepared with a perspective of influence, life obstacles and opportunities can be seen and navigated.  These new understandings often provide the stage for spontaneous change.  


Attention to Living Therapy encompasses the most recent therapeutic developments, including current brain research.  Educational materials, coupled with experiential opportunities for observation and practice, will provide opportunity for new experiences.  When realized, new experiences provide for greater perspective, which affords more opportunity, thus supporting change that is beneficial and reciprocal within your ecology.  Self-realization occurs through real life practice and promotes healthy growth.  You, living your life.        



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