Tami Boehle-Satterfield
is a licensed professional therapist, certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master, and practitioner of Healing Touch energy medicine, sound and color healing.  She practices therapy from a solution oriented approach called Attention to Living Therapy.  She utilizes many treatment techniques that facilitate shifts to increase motivation, creativity, and self-confidence. Her training includes: applied psycho neurobiology, death and dying, EFT, EMDR,  mindfulness, neuro linguistic programing, rebirthing breathwork, somatic imagery and trauma resolution.  In her private practice, she offers individual counseling for adults and adolescents, couple work, and family therapy and specializes in the following areas:

  •     addictions
  •   improved performance
  •   pain management
  •   phobias and anxiety
  •   grief issues.

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Increase motivation, creativity, and self-confidence.



was surprised at how easy it was using Facetime.  I completely relaxed and learned how to meditate deeply.  I never thought my mind could be so open."
--T. M.

voice is so soothing and it is like she is right there with you.  I can't believe that it is as good over the phone as it is in person." --P.A.

"I don't know how she does it.  It is an amazing feeling to walk out of her office feeling so confident and relaxed." --R.P. 

"She is a rock star! And the perfect guide to assist me in re-focusing my attention to living my life." --C.W.

"After the loss of my mother, I was overwhelmed with grief and feeling unable to handle it on my own.   Tami helped lead me on a path to peace and acceptance.  Each session was tailored to the needs of that day and time, with choices for modalities that helped me as an individual, provided comfort and strength, and allowed the process to take its course.  Along the way, Tami provided additional guidance and assistance in dealing with a life changing event in addition to the grief.
I am ever grateful to Tami for her guiding voice and heart." --S.H.

"From the first time Tami worked with me, I could tell she was a talented healer. Her warm and compassionate nature makes you feel welcome and relaxed the minute you walk in the door. And it only gets better during her sessions, where I have received many wonderful things--relaxation, rejuvenation, even inspiration! Anyone and everyone would be lucky to experience the benefits of her work. I hope they do!"  --D.A.

“I was able to connect with Tami our first session because of her warmth and genuine interest in me. I was able to explore some effective methods for handling my problem . Because of Tami’s amazing ability to be open to my concerns , I found that dealing with my issue was less distressing to me and more like a journey that was becoming better each time.” --R K.

"Working with Tami, I have been able to overcome negative thinking in the late stages of marathon racing.  Reinforcing positive messages in the trance state has helped me to focus on my strengths when the going gets tough.  Since working with Tami, I have set two new Masters PRs.  More importantly, these have been the most successful marathons I have run, meaning my effort remained consistent through the late stages of the races.  While I needed to be physically prepared for the races, hypnosis with Tami helped put my thinking in the right place.  I would highly recommend it for any athletic performance."

"It was so easy and natural to reach a deeply relaxed place.  I was amazed.  Tami's voice is perfect!" --G.P.

"With Tami's help I was able to go back in time to a place where everything was so peaceful and pain-free.  I couldn't believe that I could actually feel free again.  This work is wonderful.  I can remember the things that we talked about that day and go back to that peaceful, pain-free place whenever I like."

"Tami can see right to the issue.  Her abilities are amazing.  The work is fast and freeing." --A.P

"At first, I would think, how does she do that? And I would wish I could carry her in my pocket so I could always hear her inspirational words.  After working with Tami she taught me how to hear my own voice. My voice took her place and I am able to inspire myself! --R.W.
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