Restore And  Balance Your Energy.

Reiki & Healing Touch
energy medicine

Reiki and Healing Touch are therapies that helps to restore and balance energy that has been depleted due to  illness, injury, grief, mental and physical health conditions or simply the stress of day to day living. When our energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through and around our bodies becomes congested and often presents in the form pain or discomfort.  Muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders, inability to sleep well, increased anxiety and headaches are just some of the symptoms that can be attributed to energy congestion. 

Reiki and Healing Touch promote deep relaxation.  In this deep state, muscles relax and circulation is improved.  With improved blood flow to the body's major organs, oxygen levels through out the body are elevated.  This in turn allows better absorption of nutrients, increased ability to digest, better regulation of homones and the release of toxins.  This healthier state allows cells to regenerate and promotes a sense of well-being that supports healing and regulates the immune system.

As well as being beneficial for physical alignments, Reiki and Healing Touch can facilitate emotional and mental healing.  Most people report feeling much lighter and at peace following a treatment.  This is because they literally are!  Emotions such as depression, anger, guilt and grief are often released.  The space they once occupied no has room for light, truth, love, forgiveness and joy.

An session is typically 60 minutes long and takes place on a table similarly to a massage table.  You are fully clothed for the session.  You will experience the practitioner's touch as very light and at times indirect.  It is quite amazing how peaceful and centered you will feel following a treatment.

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