Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Classes
for the creative spirit and curious mind!

Art Builds confidence, provides opportunity for creative expression, and greatly enhances problem-solving skills.  Oh yeah, and it is REALLY FUN!

Each class is held in a working studio in the heart of downtown picturesque Monkton where inspiration is plentiful.  Just steps from the Gunpowder Falls River participants ages 6-16 will spend the day making art, exploring the beautiful countryside, river walking, and making friends with barnyard animals.  Each class runs Monday through Friday form 9 - 3 and costs $275.
Registration is limited and class sizes are small. 

For more information, please call 410-382-0518 or e-mail to
Summer Camps 2013


July 8 – 12    What Goes Around, Comes AroundThere is something intrinsically "divine" or "perfect" in circles. The circle has been known since before recorded history and makes much of modern civilization possible. Design and create a hula hoop and learn how to move in circles while the circles move you, make a circle mandala weaving, investigate the symbolism of the circle in paintings through the ages and paint your own, build a 3D labyrinth, design and fabricate your own coin or learn how to turn a flat circle into the illusion of a 3D sphere. This class offers the opportunity for drawing, painting and hand building.

 July  15 – 19    Its A Dog's LifeLearn tricks of the trade to draw and paint a portrait of your favorite pet.  Explore the presence of animals throughout the history of art and create a painting that tells the story of your pet. Using Mexican and African art as influences create your own animal mask or sculpture or investigate the Native American and Eskimo art and build an animal totem. This class offers the opportunity for drawing, painting, and hand-building.

July 22 – 26   Everything Old Is New AgainCreate textile paintings, weave wall hangings, embellish cigar boxes, and design your own t-shirt using everything and anything, but paint.  Recycle old clothes, jewelry or even shoes.  Use fabric remnants, cans and boxes, yarn and more.  Bring in old lamps, chairs, or bedside tables. It is all up to you to make everything old new again!  Please bring your own blank t-shirt for this class.  This class offersthe opportunity for sewing, embellishing and construction.

July 29 – August 2    Painting with Passion painting, painting, and more painting!  This class is for the serious student over the age of 12.  And it is all about painting!  Join other passionate painters and learn to hone your painting skills as well as investigate how to paint in a powerful and expressive style.  Discover your own voice as a painter.  There is an additional $25 supply fee for this class. This class is for the passionate student.


Mail registration and a non-refundable deposit of  $175 fee to: 

Tami Satterfield at 16706 Remare Road Monkton, MD 21111. For more information, please call 410-382-0518 or e-mail to

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Please submit the following information and mail your check made payable to Tami Satterfield addressed to 16706 Remare Rd, Monkton, MD 21111.

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